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Smartek, established in 2016, is a dental implant company with German-Turkish origins, led and operated by dental professionals. Drawing on our profound clinical expertise and unwavering dedication to the field of dentistry, at Smartek, we specialize in creating a comprehensive range of dental solutions. Our offerings encompass dental implant systems, surgical kits and drills, prosthetics, digital solutions like CAD/CAM restoration, and cutting-edge biomaterials. Our products are exclusively designed by dentists for dentists, ensuring they meet the exact needs and requirements of dental professionals like you.

• Minimize micro movement and reduce bone resorption
• Improved cutting ability
• Better bone-to-implant contact for better primary stability
• Fast insertion


Dr. Ayşe Kaya

"Smartek is committed to conducting business with a serious and responsible approach, ensuring the development of implant and prosthetic elements that uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability."

Good Experince

Dr. Mehmet Arslan

"With Smartek's advanced implants, we seamlessly blend biology and implant technology in one procedure, delivering a better lifestyle, a more captivating smile, and natural-looking teeth to ensure your utmost satisfaction."

a satisfying experience


Smartek dental implants exhibit exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting performance and stability for patients' oral health and prosthetic restorations.


Smartek dental implants prioritize patient safety through meticulous design and biocompatible materials, ensuring a secure and successful implantation process.


Smartek dental implants offer excellent aesthetics, seamlessly blending with natural teeth, and enhancing smiles for confident and beautiful results.

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